Sunday, May 28, 2017

5/28 - Departing to Munich, Germany

with 2 heavy suitcases


  1. I checked in three suitcases, with two contain heavy equipment. I carried a small computer bag onboard.
    The Lufthansa plane will fly very soon! Bye!

  2. Bye! I fed the fish today. Im not taking supplement on Sunday because im not sure if i took it or not, but ill do it tomorrow. Dont forget to claim the war dragon. Is there any cool toys in the dollar store?

  3. Ill try to give aiden nightmares hahahha! I know 5 things about you.
    1. You are looking at this right now.
    3. You cannot lick your elbow.
    4. You just tried it.
    5. You are laughing because you fell for it again.
    6. You skipped number 2.
    7. You just looked up to check if there was a 2.
    8. you are laughing again.
    THis is more than 5!

    1. I did not do 4. :))))
      Bye. The plane is moving now.
      P.s. I don't think you took supplement today. But ok, don't forget tomorrow.

  4. Play some games nicely with Aiden tomorrow!!! Remember you are his hero, finding fun games for him. Bye.

  5. ok ill do it today which is monday. 100000000000000000

  6. what is 10000000000000000000?